Mediserv Diagnostics

At Mediserv Diagnostics, we're dedicated to helping new, expectant and "actively trying" parents to find the information, support and reassurance they need. We want to be your most trusted parenting resource - that's why we offer diagnostic ultrasound imaging, 3D/4D Baby Scanning as well as early pregnancy, reassurance and obstetric scanning examinations.

First 4D Scanning Centre in Malabar

Mediserv Diagnostics is the pioneers in many radiological and imaging explorations in North kerala. When the state was not even aware of the concept of 4D Scan Mediserv Diagnostics introduced the same in Malabar.

The Referral Diagnostics Centre

Mediserv Diagnostics is a referral diagnostics centre where more than 90% of cases are coming for advanced diagnostics from renowned practitioners

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